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John F. Kennedy University

2011 - 2014

​I graduated wtih a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2014.  I specialized in the study of Transpersonal Psychology which is a hybrid between Easern Philosophy and Western Psychology.  I wrote my Masters Thesis on "Exercise Psychotherapy" which is a growth-oriented model of counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching.



American Counsil on Exercise
Certified Personal Trainer


I specialize in In-Home Personal Training and have certifications in working with the 55 and older population.  I still do some of this in addition to my psychotherapy and counseling practice and also integrate exercise and psychotherapy together in a blended modality for empowerment and personal growth. 


DePaul University

​2007 - 2009

Completion of my BA in Developmental Psychology.


Miami University
I Competed on the Varsity Swimming Team as a scholarship athlete and began my Bachelors degree in Developmental Psychology. I was part of the Mid-America Confrence Team Championship in 2006 and also Individual Champion in 100 Breaststroke.

-Marriage and Family Therapist Associate #87704


-American Counsil on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer (10 Years)


- Certified Swim Instructor (20 Years)


-CPR Certified

Personal Life


I love my work.  Therapy can be both serious and playful.  I try to be as real with my clients as possible because it's good for both my clients and myself.  I also love water.  I've been swimming my whole life and still enjoy competing occasionally.  I am a fitness enthusiast and also work as a Holistic Personal Trainer helping clients integrate mind and body.  In  addition to continually being in my own personal therapy (which I believe all therapists should) I consider exercise, meditation, inspirational reading, and writing to be part of my daily mental and physical hygeine.  I practice what I teach as a therapist and continually set aside time for my own healing and growth.  I also love waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and snow skiing.  I don't hide my personal life from my clients as I believe bringing as much of my humanity into the therapy room as possible serves my clients in their growth and healing.

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