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Exercise Psychotherapy

Medicine Balls

I group these two modalities together because they have a similar motivational flavor to the work. Coaching can be very direct and goal oriented and is also a good option for clients that live outside the state of California, where I'm licensed as a psychotherapist. 

When in graduate school, as a part of my thesis, I developed a model of personal growth utilizing movement and psychotherapy or coaching in combination with each other. This idea was born out of my own personal relationship with exercise and how it facilitated my own personal growth. I found that exercise, aside from being a natural aid in anxiety and depression reduction, could also be used to integrate insights gained in therapy.  

This can be a great option for people who don't want to engage in traditional, weekly therapy but would like a motivational boost with a unique perspective to foster healing and growth. Some people have likened it to a "intense meditation" experience where theres a specific topic or focus that is attended to while exercising.  

Please contact me directly for more information about differences between coaching and psychotherapy or for more information about "Exercise Psychotherapy"

50 Minute Coaching or Exercise Psychotherapy Session:

sliding scale: $310-$425

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