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If you're afraid of the water or don't know how to swim, you're not alone. Many feel that they shouldn't be afraid of the water or that it's too late to learn how to swim.  A dangerous encounter with the water can stay with you and prevent your learning how to swim.


Without proper skills, water can be dangerous and your body knows it, which could be why you or your loved one is scared.  Learning the proper skills at a unique pace, addressing these feelings can lead to confidence and mastery over the water so you can enjoy it


I specialize in working with people who fear water or swimming.  These lessons can be extremely slow in pace, often times not even starting in the water at all.  Through visualization techniques we can begin to introduce you to the water in the safety of your mind. 


Everyone is different and I communicate with each individual client extensively to determine the safest, most comfortable path possible to master your relationship with the water. 


Depending on your level of comfort with the water these lessons may be approached more or less "therapeutically."  After our phone consultation we will determine together if the approach will be more in the field of psychology or swim lessons.  These sessions can be be longer than one hour in length.

Price: $350 for 50 Minute Session & $525 for a 75 minute session

This price includes additional time for notes and reflection of each session and how it relates to your goals in therapy. On average, this time is an additional 25-45 minutes of time I spend thinking about you and note taking before and after each session.

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