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Therapy with Theo...


A little about who I am and what therapy might look like:

First and foremost we will cultivate hope.  Humans must have meaning and hope in order to make difficult life decisions and changes that will effect their lives in a positive way.  Hope that things can be different than they are is why you're reading this right now. 


I make real and authentic contact with people and you will feel my presence and interest in your experience.  You will gain more acceptance of yourself as we understand and accept your uniqueness.  This will allow more space for compassion towards your own experience, which will allow you to respond spontaneously.  We will break down barriers to how you “should” and “shouldn’t” be. 


I challenge people hard, but compassionately.  I want to facilitate uncovering your Truth in this moment and build your capacity to handle both comfortable and uncomfortable Truths.


We will examine stories and beliefs that you have about yourself and others to discard what is outdated and refine what still works.  We will make habitual unconscious patterns conscious so that you have the opportunity to choose what works best for you Now.  When you have difficulty choosing what’s good for you we will examine what is in the way and learn how to choose better strategies.  This often comes from uncovering ways of responding to the world and caregivers that worked for you in the past, but not anymore.  Strategies for coping with life need to be renegotiated as we navigate new experiences. 


I will also incorporate and apply philosophy from other disciplines like biology, physics, metaphysics, eastern philosophy, and sociology.  There are many ways of knowing and making meaning out of the human experience, and we will use these ways of knowing yourself as they fit you individually.


We will work with polarities, paradoxes, and conflicting thoughts, feelings, and desires to develop a capacity to be with uncertainty and cultivate a capacity to navigate the complexity of the human experience.


Last and not least, we will work to develop an enthusiasm and an appreciation for the process of discovering and becoming who you are because ultimately, “The Journey is The Reward.”  -Chinese Proverb


Price: $225 for 50 Minute Session

This price includes additional time for notes and reflection of each session and how it relates to your goals in therapy. On average, this time is an additional 25-45 minutes of time I spend thinking about you and note taking before and after each session.



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