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Couples Therapy can be a great compliment to Individual Therapy or a meaningful journey in-and-of-itself.  I believe that the majority of issues between couples comes from lack of clear communication.  This often times comes from an inability to articulate our feelings or experience to our partners coupled with a unfostered ability to empathize with another's experience. 


Often times a significant relationship can bring up unresolved issues from prior relationships, both intimate and familial.  Identifying ways that you are missing each other and finding ways to hear and validate each others experience is a skill that's underdeveloped in many of us.  Assumptions about how relationships "should" be are often carried with us in a silent way that prevents us from connecting with our partners.


Couples Therapy with me will often times look like Individual Therapy in front of your partner.  Often times viewing your partners interaction and deepening of their process creates a connection through mutual self discovery.  I will often do a "piece" of work with one partner and then allow the other to respond with how they experienced witnessing their partner in the process of discovery.  We will then take a look at how each partners' history and personality come together within the relationship.


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